GROW PACKAGE + 1 Strategy Session


Even the most successful business owners must step back and rethink their strategy from time to time. They call it business growing pains, and how you handle yours could mean the difference between propelling your success upward or stalling where you are. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. 20 hours a month will get you back in your game and on your way to a more resilient business.


Clients ready for this package receives one 1:1 strategy session a month, online business management (OBM), and Virtual Assistant (VA) services. This package provides a powerful punch to your growing business.

The package includes: Creating resilience and a leadership presence Bring wellness and balance to your business & life Develop strength to meet emerging needs Increase business performance—especially during periods of change Build a high-performing team Team-wide Organization + Procedure Development Project Management Data Management WordPress Edits + Updates WordPress Blog + Content Management Newsletter Management Social Media Management Proofreading + Editing Branding and Rebranding Productive Brainstorming + Business Planning and much more.