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As an administrative professional with 20 years of corporate experience, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in my career, as we all do! Like a lot of administrative professionals, I’ve worked with executives who under utilized my skills and frankly had no idea of my full potential. I was often invisible or unnoticed until disaster hit and I was called in to “save the day.” Those jobs left me deflated, physically and emotionally drained and often confused as to what my real contribution was overall.

At the same time, I’ve had the privilege to work with executives that were true leaders, motivators, and visionaries. People who believed in their own cause and empowered me to do the same.  That is when I saw myself flourish within my career and beyond.  Only then, is when I finally felt Passion for what I did.  The difference between those experiences was that I was truly seen, noticed, and included well beyond the day-to-day tasks. Although these tasks were important, they didn’t make me come alive. I wanted to grow, shine, participate and contribute towards the success and future of the company.

So, I decided to carve my own path. Today, I’m a successful mindset coach, online business manager and virtual assistant for growing businesses. I am a proud community leader for Moms In Business where I connect,inspire and motivate mompreneurs. I’ve done several radio shows with Life Coach Radio Networks where I’ve discussed various topics from leadership, time management to resilience. I’m also a devoted wife,  a loving mother of two beautiful little girls.

How Am I Different, You Ask?

PASSION. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about the field of administration, personal development, and wellness.  I believe administrative professionals are fundamental to the success and wellbeing of any business regardless of the industry, culture or size.  In addition, I believe that lasting growth and potential requires focus of the entire person: Mind, Heart, and Body.

Here’s how I believe I make a better choice:

  • As a business owner, I understand your struggle. I know how valuable your time is and how having to spend countless of hours managing yourself is detrimental to your success. I know what it means to invest in training and genuinely want to empower your dream team but you don’t have the bandwidth to do so.

  • As an administrative professional, I understand your needs!  I’ve experienced your daily struggle and I understand the pressure of being on ground zero every-single-day. Being expected to have solutions every step of the way, while managing complex agendas, meetings, and personalities.  While at the same time giving your undivided attention to clients and prospects.

  • I see the whole picture.  As a trained and experienced coach, administrative professional, program manager, businesswoman, and community leader, I pride myself on taking a holistic approach. This means I look at the whole person, the whole entity, the whole team, and the whole organization.

  • I love the work I do, and have never seen it as something distinct from my life. The vision, strategizing and planning, playing and creating, communicating and expressing; these are the things I love to do whether it’s at work or at home, with friends, or with my clients!

Money is important, but fulfillment and wellbeing are priceless. Isn’t that why we started our own business? If this rings true to you, let’s jump on Skype over a glass of Kombucha.

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