Virtuso is a wrap-around Admin & Ops service based in the Bay Area.

Our mission is to help our clients GROW by making distinctive, lasting operational/administrative improvements that lead to business success.

As a revolutionary talent search agency, we bring a global pool of experts directly to you. We also bring you technological tools that encourage collaboration, enhance transparency and provide accountability. Our commitment to creating value is fulfilled by bringing unlimited potential and scalability whether it be on a pay-per-use basis for remote support or a sliding scale for direct-hires.

With Virtuso, your company can bypass the high cost of living, workers comp, taxes, fees, onboarding, space and equipment costs that leave growing companies without the talent they desperately need.


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The 3 things we do:

Admin & Ops Consulting: We provide an administrative and operational audit of normally performed duties. The audit includes the cycle review of operating systems such as administrative processes and procedures, executive roles and responsibilities, plus task-force performance.

Remote Admins: Take advantage of our pay-per-use payment plan. This is for administrative needs that fluctuate, we match you with a remote admin that provides the flexibility you need to cover peak periods of your business. You pay only the hours you use and as you scale, we do too!

Direct-Hire: We help you find the perfect internal administrative professional on a sliding scale plan (pay what you can – yes, you read that right!) Our pay-scale allows growing businesses who are feeling the pinch. 

You can pair up options one, two or three; or use them exclusively — it’s up to you. All options include a complimentary onboarding process.


It’s an easy 3-step process!

1. We start with a FREE consultation, 2. A two-hour strategy (in-person or virtual) session, 3. 1-onboarding virtual session and you are ready to go!

Transparency & Accountability

All your tasks, projects, and communication in one place.

No more sifting through emails or searching for attachments. Keep your team, files, comments, and attachments in one secure place. No more time wasting.


Packages & Pricing

  • Start-Up Plan
    $40 per hour
    • Up to 25 hours a month
    • Perfect package when you have seasonal needs
    • Better suited when you have fluctuating business needs
  • Scale-Up Plan
    $32 per hour
    • > 45 hours a month
    • When you need a task force behind you
    • Best suited for businesses in stealth mode

Our Partners

Small companies haven’t scaled enough to have full functioning departments and since we are a wrap-around service we’ve partnered with other industries who can solve just about any business problem.

What our clients are saying

Being a new business owner has been both exciting and scary for me and Veronica and her team have made it feel so much more possible and likely that I will succeed in my exciting new business venture.I highly recommend Life Leaders Coaching if you are starting a new business and want to get expert advice on how to grow your business in any direction that you desire.

Scott Moresi, Owner, Scott Moresi, MFT

Since I’ve met Veronica and her team back in 2016, from day one to today she has been 100% attentive to my needs, her team has great communication skills and attention to detail and they’re all an ABSOLUTE dream to work with. I couldn’t have chosen a better company to work with, I HIGHLY recommend Veronica and her team. My company would not be where it is at today without them.

Kelly Meadows, Owner: Positively Tan

Veronica and her team have set a new high standard supporting programs for us. They learn quickly, manages complexity well (materials, schedules, and coordination), anticipate needs, has superb interpersonal skills, and a unique ability stay calm under pressure.

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